Dinner Candles Set 3 Pieces

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FIK's Dinner Candles are handmade candles with a distinctive monochrome colour palette. This set consists of three modern and playful compositions.
Make a stylish statement and combine them with FIK's plateau + candleholder and other design elements by FIK.

Always cut the wick to ± 1 cm before lighting the candle. Always place the candle in a sturdy and fitting candleholder with fireproof trivet to catch dripping wax.

Burn time: 3 x ± 10 hours
Wax: natural rapeseed wax
Width: 95 mm
Height: 145 mm

Each candle is unique, so small irregularities and differences may occur due to the use of our natural rapeseed wax.
Natural wax

To pour our scented candles, we use sustainable rapeseed wax. This is a vegetable and renewable raw material for pouring candles.

The rapeseed wax we use comes from Europe and does not contain any genetically modified or hazardous substances. Nor does it contain any substances derived from animals and it has not been tested on animals.

Sustainability with vegetable rapeseed wax comes not only from its small ecological footprint and contribution to the ecosystem, but also from the additional advantage that it burns much more slowly than paraffin. As a result, your scented candle will take up to twice as long to burn up.

FIK Tips
  • Cut the knot of the wick before use. (This is there to ensure the wick does not unravel)
  • Always cut the wick to ± 1 cm before lighting the candle.
  • Always place the candle in a sturdy and fitting candleholder with a fireproof trivet to catch dripping wax.
  • Do not burn the candle longer than 4 hours at a time.
  • Never leave a burning candle alone.
Dinner Candles Set 3 Pieces
Dinner Candles Set 3 Pieces
Dinner Candles Set 3 Pieces
Dinner Candles Set 3 Pieces
Dinner Candles Set 3 Pieces
  • Handmade with natural rapeseed wax

  • Unique design

  • 3 x 10 burn hours

  • Vegan and not tested on animals

What our customers say about FIK Kaarsen

I am very excited about Fik's Kaarsen. The candle burns very long and smell very nice. I chose the variant with the wooden wick, which crackles really nicely. The design of the candle is also very nice!


We are very satisfied with the candles from FIK kaarsen. They smell great, burn perfectly and look nice! We will definitely keep ordering.


Wonderful candles and very good and personalised service!!!


A very cool store/workshop with lovely subtle scented candles.


The candles burn beautifully, the scent is lovely, not overpowering! even outside under the canopy, the scent lingers......delicious just great!!!
I don't want any other scented candles again.


  • Packaging

  • Shipping

  • Sustainable choices

For our candles, we find it important to use packaging made of recyclable materials. Materials that, for example, are easily biodegradable, can be used in an organised recycling process or materials you can reuse yourself at home, such as our glass jars.

When the scented candle has burned out, you can use the glass jar again, for example, to plant small seedlings or as a storage jar for small parts. Use some warm water and a degreasing detergent to remove the remaining rapeseed wax and labels for reuse.

With sustainability in mind, we pack the scented candles as compactly as possible for shipping. In general, we send all the candles you order together in one box. Would you like to give (part of) your order as a gift? Then you can check the box next to the article. We will make sure we pack these separately and that there are no shipping labels on the box.

Should you not be able to use the shipping box again, you can dispose of it - without filling chips - in its entirety in the paper recycling bin. The same goes for the biodegradable filling chips: Reuse is great! But should you not be able to use them again, they can be disposed of with the VGF waste.

At FIK Kaarsen, we don't see "sustainability" as a trendy marketing term or some kind of green checkmark you can apply for somewhere. We think it is important to use sustainability as a condition and basis for a young business. We want to make the right considerations and good choices for the candle-making process, packaging and shipping.

We are therefore critical of our raw materials and materials. For example, we do not simply assume that 100% natural is always the most sustainable choice and that less harmful raw materials are also good for both people and the environment.

Of course, new materials and ways to be more sustainable are constantly emerging, so do you have any tips for us? Let us know!