Wooden Wick Candles

Looking for a unique scented candle with a wooden wick ? Search no further! At FIK Kaarsen you will find a special collection of scented candles with this special crackling wick.

Our carefully selected range consists of fresh and subtle scents, available with both the traditional cotton wick and the luxurious wooden wick .

The wooden wick produces a soft crackling sound while burning, which creates a soothing atmosphere in the home. In contrast to the loud crackling sounds of WoodWick candles, you do not have to turn up the television with the wooden wick of FIK Candles ;)

Our Wooden Wick Collection consists of large scented candles with a modern look, made with vegetable rapeseed wax. This means you not only enjoy a wonderfully subtle scent, but also extra burning hours, while contributing to a more sustainable world.