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FIK - KEN (informal)
1 fire
: in de fik steken = set fire to

2 hands: gemaakt met eigen fikken = made with our own hands


FIK's scented candles are handmade with care and enthusiasm at the creative Zwitsalterrein in Apeldoorn.

We make our candles for your optimal scented candle experience:
honest, subtle and cozy

  • Handmade

    All our candles are poured with our own ''Fikken''.

  • Natural wax

    Our rapeseed wax is vegetable-based and sustainably produced in Europe.

  • Long burn time

    About 2x as many burning hours as
    paraffin and with no black smoke or soot.

  • Subtle scents

    We apply our fresh natural
    fragrances subtly into our candles.

Colourful design elements

What our customers say about FIK Kaarsen

I am very excited about Fik's candles. The candle burns very long and smells very nice. I chose the variant with the wooden wick, which crackles really nicely. The design of the candle is also very nice!


We are super satisfied with the candles from FIK candles.
They smell wonderful, burn top and look nice! We will definitely keep ordering.


Lovely candles and super good and personalised service!!!


Fantastic concept, fine fragrances, not overpowering but lovely as you enter your room or kitchen. My preference sandalwood, vanilla and the Christmas scent with juniper. Always nice advice from the gentlemen for a gift.


The candles burn beautifully, the scent is lovely, not overpowering! even outside under the canopy, the scent lingers......delicious just like that!!! I don't want any other scented candles anymore.


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Scented Candle Vanilla + Almond Wooden Wick
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Scented candle Eucalyptus + Sandalwood Wooden Wick
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FIK tips

Tips to make your candles burn best.

Áh, a candle with a crackling wick!

Wooden Wick Tips

With the right candle-care, you will take good care of your candle and it will burn perfectly!

- To prevent your candle from forming a tunnel, you should let the candle burn for at least two hours the first time, so that the wax has melted about to the edge of the glass.

- During these first two hours, the wooden wick needs to burn in for a while and the flame may sometimes be a little smaller. This is not a problem, the second time the candle will burn bigger.

- Make sure that every time before you light your candle, you remove the charred wood from the wick. You can do this by gently breaking it off with your finger and throwing it away.

The bottom of the candle also has all the instructions for burning a candle safely.

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It's a classic!

Cotton Wick Tips

A classic candle with a cotton wick deserves the right candle-care to burn superbly!

- Let your new candle burn for at least two hours for the first time, so that the top layer of wax has largely melted to the glass. This will prevent a tunnel from forming.

- Make sure the wick, each time before you light your candle, is no more than 1 cm long.

- After burning the candle, is there a mushroom at the end of the wick? Cut it off. This prevents smoke and soot during burning.

- Do not let your candle burn down to the bottom. This can make the glass too hot.

The bottom of the candle also lists all the instructions for burning a candle safely.

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