From pastime to full-time

When corona broke out in 2020, we theatre set designers found ourselves out of work due to the new rules on keeping distance and other safety measures.

To still give space to our creativity, we started making our own candles at home. First just as a pastime from leftover candle scraps, but after more research, we started developing scented candles based on sustainable and natural ingredients more seriously.

This unforeseen hobby soon became a full-time occupation and in 2021 we officially established FIK Kaarsen. Meanwhile, we ship candles throughout the Netherlands on a weekly basis, deliver to 60 different shops and, at our candle studio in Apeldoorn, we also have our own physical shop where it is fun to receive customers.

''Coming home and lighting a soothing candle is more and more a conscious choice these days. To take a break from everything before and choose for yourself.''