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Want to give one of our FIK Candles or Gift Sets as a gift? Make it complete and order an original FIK Greeting Card to give the lucky person a nice message with it!

The cheerful illustrations on these unique greeting cards are created by ourselves.

The greeting cards are printed on sustainable Paperwise paper. This type of paper is not made from new wood, but rather from agricultural waste. This recycling process reduces the environmental impact by 47%. Similarly, the paper of our envelopes is specifically made from green residues of tomato plants left over after the tomato harvest.

Besides being an environmentally conscious choice, Paperwise paper also gives our greetings cards a cool retro look.

PaperWise paper is a special type of paper. This paper is made from agricultural waste. To be precise, leaves and stems left over from the harvest are processed into raw material for paper. The production of this paper has a lower impact on the environment than paper from trees. This impact is even 29% lower than recycled paper.

Greeting card
  • Made from Paperwise paper

  • Shipped within 2 working days

  • Recyclable packaging

  • Printed in the Netherlands

What our customers say about FIK Kaarsen

I am very enthusiastic about Fik's candles. The candle burns for a very long time and smells very nice. I chose the version with the wooden wick, which crackles very nicely. The design of the candle is also very beautiful!


We are very satisfied with the candles from FIK candles. They smell wonderful, burn great and look nice! We will definitely continue to order.

Anne Chris

Delicious candles and super good and personal service!!


A very cool shop/workshop with wonderfully subtle scented candles.


The candles burn beautifully, the scent is wonderful, not overpowering! Even outside under the roof the smell lingers...just wonderful!! I don't want any other scented candles anymore.